Commercial Loans

  • Property Acquisition - Financing property is and important decision and requires a suitable structure to take into account cash flows from the property and maximises tax effectiveness of the loan structure
  • Business Finance - In business, cash flow is always king ,and it is important to make sure that any proposed finance  structure covers current short term and longer term requirements of the business. 
  • Franchise - When financing a franchise various lenders will provide finance against the value of some of the larger recognised franchises.  It is important to structure the funding to provide both working capital and deposit funds let J & J assist you finance your purchase.
  • Construction & Development - You need a specialist to assist packaging loans for construction and development to allow for the impact of cash flow requirement to make sure you are not left short of funds during the life of the project.
  • Debtor / Invoice Financing  - For a fast growing business that is largely be based on cash flows and timing of your terms of trade (invoicing) this type of financing allows faster expansion when traditional funding  methods can be tied to the value of your bricks and mortar.
  • Debt Restructure  - Many business’s small and large have to revisit the funding structures from time to time for a variety of reasons, business expansion, market conditions, competition, and even a falling out of favour with their current funder who may not share their  same vision moving forward.  When refinancing debt restructuring it is most important to set up the structure of the facilities wherever possible to look at both short term and longer term plans for the business.