Home Loans

As every borrower has different financial needs and borrow money for a variety of purposes, choosing the right home loan can be complex as different structures and products are required to make sure the loan suits your needs.

Things to consider

  • Home Loans - Is it better to fix or stay variable? Is it better to split your loan part fixed and part variable.
  • Investment loans - Setting up a tax effective loan structure is important to minimise housekeeping and tax records.
  • Construction Loans - Splitting the facility into two components may be a good option to fund against the land and construction in two separate facilities Renovation Loans When renovating it is important to have all your plans and approvals ready to ensure firstly lender understands the extent of the proposed renovations and secondly where there may not be sufficient equity prior to renovation the valuation of the post completion supports the request for renovation funds.
  • Debt Consolidation - Consolidating all your loans i.e. Home loan your car loans and credit cards can be a good way to save significant $ in the interest cost payable on your loans and monthly cash flow. Whilst consolidating debt can certainly save you on monthly cash flows you need to weigh up the cost of stretching the debt over a longer term.